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Project manager
Noxa | Part-time
We are looking for an experienced project manager for our project. Please DM with your resume
Project Management
6 applicants
Expires in 5 days
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Community Manager
Fortune! | Full-time
As the community manager at Fortune, you'll support our online comm by monitoring engagement on our discord and various social media platforms. You'll publish content that's in line with our communication style, implement strategies to increase engagement and followers, build and nurture relationships with our online community, quickly respond to comments and questions, and monitor and provide feedback on engagement/conversation via social media channels to leadership. Please join our discord, and create a ticket expressing your interest in joining our team; or send us an email to peter@wearecheeselabs.com
Community Management
Collabs Manager
9 applicants
Expires in 1 month
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YouTube Video Editor
KBVRSE | Part-time
Per Video Edited
Need a video editor to edit YouTube videos: Description: - Experienced with NFTs or Crypto - Prior experience in editing YouTube videos - Familiar with the YouTube format for NFT/Crypto/Finance videos - Familiar with the YouTube algorithm - Pay will be bi-weekly and preferably per video - Need 2-3 videos to publish a week If this is you then I'd love to have a quick chat! If we're a good fit then this could turn into long-term work with great opportunities ahead. :)
7 applicants
Expires in 26 days
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